Merano Vitae

Healthy nature

Merano Vitae. It’s all around health, movement and living in nature. A colourful mix of events encourages to get out, get in motion and eat healthy. The better way of life. In Merano and its magical surroundings.

Merano Vitae for your health: Find the perfect harmony of body and soul. To strengthen your physique and increase mental, spiritual and emotional well-being. With healthy food. With balanced breaks. With targeted exercises in the fresh air. Where else are the basics as diverse as in Merano? Your feel-good city in the heart of South Tyrol.

Merano Vitae with outdoor exercise: enjoyable and exciting. With a colorful array of events. Under the motto “Merano moves” with made-to-measure movements. For more pleasure in exercise. A treat for body and soul. It keeps young and fit, is ideal for all ages and does not require any special preparation or clothing. For you and your well-being.

Merano Vitae in nature: Special locations and adventure points, full of power and energy. The cascades of Partschins, roaring power. The Kränzlhof labyrinth garden, nature tamed. The “Knottnkino” stone cinema, a view staged. The Waalweg trails around Merano, water hikes with relaxation factor. The fountains path, stories about the water in Merano.

Merano Vitae. Interesting facts all around health and wellbeing. A very nice offer.

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