Restaurants in Merano

Culinary delights across the board

Strongly influenced by the culinary tradition of the Habsburg Empire during Merano’s “Belle Epoque” and the Italian “Alta Cucina”, over the centuries has developed a very special mix of tastes that is so typical of South Tyrolean cuisine: the successful combination of the Alpine and Mediterranean culinary arts.

This interesting combination of tastes is most prevalent in the cities, with their multitude of restaurants. Try out the fruits of this tasty symbiosis at your next stay in Merano and look forward to an enjoyable, varied journey.

The P&H Family partner restaurants

Your culinary extra

As a guest of the P&H Family, you benefit from a particularly delicious liason: your hotel and its partner restaurants. We will be pleased to recommend you a new restaurant each day to allow you to sample the local cuisine in all its variety.

And the best: With the P&H Family Restaurantcard you get 10% off all meals (excluding special menus, holiday menus, etc.).

Use this advantage on your next stay in Merano!
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