The Water from Merano

Enjoying water

Water and Merano. The perfect team for your wellbeing.

River water. The River Passirio flows through this beautiful city, sometimes calm, sometimes wild. The promenades are very interesting for their subtropical vegetation. You can not miss the amazing view on the river.

Healthy water. From Mount St. Vigilio healthy mineral water as therapy. This calming water reduces pains and helps the blood pressure.

Drinking Water. Pure spring water from the surrounding valleys, with good tasting, healthy and refreshing water. Directly from the tap in your room, or in the 69 public fountains. The fountains.

Well water. Situated at the special “well water way” with 12 fountains in the old town, you can find a interesting declaration to the history of Merano water from 1462 to 1887.  The history (in Italian).

Sprinkling water. Next the hiking park “Waalweg” you will see historic irrigation channels, more than 80 km through the basin of Merano. A trip in 8 phase.