Merano - the city of promenades

Views that will change yours

Walks with views, whether close-up or panoramic. 6 walking trails totalling 18 kilometres through the city of Meran.

Leave the hotel and you are in the midst of nature, not to mention some of the most fascinating aspects of this spa city.

Passer promenade. Urban style: stroll, enjoy South Tyrolan sweets. Or drink a coffee, all near the Kurhaus. To refuel sunlihgt. All year round.

Summer promenade. Refreshingly cool along the River Passer. Pleasantly fresh and shaded. Perfect for summer days. Start in the park by the statue of Sissi, made of marble from Laas.

Winter promenade. Bright and sunny along the River Passer. Ideal during wintertime. Start at the Pump Room with a gallery of old South Tyrolean landscapes.

Gilf promenade. Experience nature where the Summer and Winter Promenades meets each other. A short walk brings you to an untamed environment. Absorb culture too, along the Lyric path.

Tappeinerweg path. Panoramic views over the Meran valley bowl. The Powder Tower, the Tirolersteig route and numerous Mediterranean plant species. All year round a great experience.

Sissiweg path. Steeped in history, a walk from the Sissi Park to the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle. 11 stages, all connected in some way to the Empress Elisabeth of Austria.