Merano - the city of water routes

Step into nature

Water and Meran are inseparably connected. The River Passer divides the city whike the Waale (ancient channels) irrigate orchards and meadows. The Waalwege are footpaths along these historic channels. Gentle walks through forests, past old farms, in the midst of intoxicating nature. Breathe deeply, enjoy peace and quiet, stretch your legs.

The most beautiful ones:

  • Meran Waalweg Trail: a round tour of the Meran valley bowl
  • Mais Waalweg Trail: from Meran-Obermais to Saltaus
  • The Marlengo Waalweg: from Töll to Lana
  • The Lana Waalweg  Trail: from upper to lower Lana
  • The Scena Waalweg Trail: from Naif to Schenna-Verdins
  • The Rablá Waalweg: Round trip along the ancient irrigation channel of Rablá

Other Trails near Merano …