The Climate in Merano

Cypress meets cyclamen

Climate in Merano. A city with Mediterranean flair. Advantaged by its protected position in the valley. Thanks to the Texelgruppe that keeps away the cold north wind. Open to the south for Mediterranean temperatures.

The sunny city. Where palm trees and cypresses grow. 300 sunny days throughout the year. Unique refuge for plants and blossoms that usually only grow in subtropical areas.

Spring: early florescence. Summer: sub Mediterranean. Fall: still warm. Winter: very sunny.

Surrounded by valleys and mountains with Alpine climate rich of snow. Perfect for all those who prefer a fresher summer.

Average minimum and maximum temperatures in Merano:

January: -5 to 6°C
February: -2 to 9°C
March: 2 to 15°C
April: 5 to 19°C
May: 9 to 23°C
June: 13 to 27°C
July: 15 to 30°C
August: 15 to 29°C
September: 11 to 25°C
October: 6 to 19°C
November: -1 to 11°C
December: -4 to 7°C