Guided tours of Merano

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Guided tours of Merano

Guided tours of the city’s art and history. See the earliest wonders, hear the latest facts. From the Middle Ages to the modern era. Visit the city’s most interesting monuments and experience some of its curiosities. On foot through the old town. Magnificently interesting.

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Individual tours with your smartphone

A multifaceted city. Choose the theme that interests you. And go to the discovery of Merano! With your smartphone. For a very individual experience. On various topics and stories. With information panels, photographs and audio files. For more information. Whenever you want. ANo matter how long you need. And with as much time as you want. For your very own discovery tour through Merano.

Tour through Merano

A stroll through the heart of Merano. To discover its history and its culture. Elegant buildings and cultural highlights from all epochs: the medieval arcades, the 3 remaining city gates of the city of Merano, the Prince’s Castle, the Gothic parish church with S. Barbara’s Chapel, the Kurhaus and Art Nouveau theater. And with all kinds of contemporary works of art. An exciting juxtaposition of history and modern art. So: march off and be amazed.

Project Human Shapes

An open-air gallery. To 10 personalities of the cultural, political and intellectual life of the city of Merano. Realized by internationally renowned contemporary artists. Along the Passer Promenade in the heart of the city.

Merano Art & Nature

A cultural project in the midst of the urban nature. Part of the “Merano Spring” festival in 2015 and 2016. With partly temporary, partly permanent works of art, embedded in Meran’s natural landscape. An exciting coexistence of inspiration, change and existence.

Merano’s Water Walks

The city on the Passer is rich in water and wells. The basis of its history as a spa town. And the basis for numerous walks: promenades, fountain paths, waterway paths. In and around Merano. Ideal on hot summer days.