Merano Art & Nature

Nature enchants artist

An adventure course through Meran. With sculptures and installations made of international and South Tyrolean artists. On chosen spots on Meranos’ green areas. An important brick of the Festival “Merano Spring”.

2015 developped from the Canadian “Land Art” – expert John K. Grande. In cooperation with Kunst Meran. In 2016, supervised by the South Tyrolean team of curators B-A-U.

Designed step by step as “work in progress”. Witness it very closely. A synthesis of art and nature very close to the audience.

Artists and places:

  • Arcadia Lego (2015) – artist collective „Netzhalde“ (Germany/South Tyrol) – Marconi Park, Merano
  • Springtime Fishing (2015) – Jaakko Pernu (Finland) – Ponte Romano Bridge/Gilf Promenade, Merano
  • Empty or full? (2015) – Alois Lindenbauer (Austria) – Summer Promenade, Merano
  • Image Disturbance (2015) – Paul Feichter (South Tyrol) – Summer Promenade, Merano
  • My Boy, with such Boots, we may Hope to Travel Far (2016) – Alvaro Urbano (Spain) – Gunpowder Tower, Merano – Tirolo
  • Listen to Nature (2016) – Tue Greenfort (Denmark/Svizzerland) – Mitterplattweg promenade running from Schenna to Merano