Project Human Shapes

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The project “peoplepaintings”. A gallery in the open air. With busts of ten personalities that enriched the city’s’ cultural history. A perennial project that has become richer of 3 or 4 objects each year. From 2015 to 2017.

The busts 2015:

  • Antonio Manfredi (1912-2001), poet and painter who lived in Merano. Designed by Aron Demetz (South Tyrol).
  • Emma Hellenstainer (1817-1904), pioneer of Tyrolean gastronomy for Merano and South Tyrol. Designed by Stephan Balkenhol (Germany).
  • Franz Kafka (1883-1924), writer, who spent several months in Merano in 1920. Designed by Urs Lüthi (Switzerland).

The busts 2015 in detail …

The busts 2016:

  • Rina Riva (1922-2010), Meran artist and master of experimental print graphics. Designed by Walter Moroder (South Tyrol).
  • Piero Richard (1899-1967), supporter of equestrian sports in Merano. Designed by Wilma Kammerer (South Tyrol).
  • Silvius Magnago (1914-2010), politician and father of South Tyrol’s autonomy. Designed by Tony Cragg (Great Britain).

The busts 2016 in detail …

The busts 2017:

  • Natalie Prawossudowitsch (1899-1988), Musician and composer from Russia, who lived and died in Merano. Designed by Michael Fliri (South Tyrol).
  • Bruno Jori (1922-1970), Meran experimental filmmaker and one of the most important South Tyrolean filmmakers. Designed by Danila Olivieri alias Sissi (Italy).
  • Franz J. Lenhart (1898-1992), Meran painter and graphic artist. Designed by Mimmo Paladino (Italy).
  • Gina Klaber Thusek (1900-1983), Graphic artist, sculptor and fashion designer from the Czech Republic, who lived and died in Merano. Designed by Francis Uprichard (Great Brittain).
  • The busts 2017 in detail …

Art director:

  • Curator: the South Tyrolean artist Arnold Mario Dall’O
  • Coordinator: Herta Wolf Torggler (headmistress of Kunst Meran)

The course:

On the promenade along the river inbetween Theater Bridge and Railway Bridge.