P&H Family: our values, our goals, our vision

What makes us so special

Our actions count, not our words. Because we are who we are because of them. Real, authentic, unique. Being a member of the P&H Family means being part of an innovative, successful company. In which we remain true to ourselves and our values, regardless of changes and new developments.


What we believe in


Our motto

At the reception of the City Hotel Merano you can read: “Do what you love – love what you do“. Our guiding principle and motivation we follow every day again.

With this motivation we face our employees, our guests and our business partners. That shapes our corporate culture. And that is how we run our three city hotels and our restauant. The Hotel Villa Laurus in the residential area of Merano. The Flora Hotel & Suites directly on Merano’s promenade. The nearby, brand new City Hotel Merano. And the restaurant & tapas bar THE GALLERY.

We inspire our guests every day, create space for innovation and creative solutions and thereby motivate our team.

Our values

Leadership? We are young, dynamic, personal, open and generous. Our open-mindedness for new ideas, changes and developments is already legendary among our employees. But therein we see our future. Not standing still.

We only use hierarchical structures when it is necessary and constructive. In general, we rely on communication at eye level. We allow our employees a lot of scope to contribute their own ideas to their work. In return, we demand loyalty and professionalism. A give and take. That’s how it should be.

Family and career: The everlasting disunion. The eternal challenge. Since we employ many young parents and are parents ourselves, we help to find the “right” childcare. In this way “our” children are well looked after while mom or dad are busy.

Supporting projects: “The young should go their own way, but a few guideposts won’t do any harm” once said the writer Pearl S. Buck. And we are convinced of that too. Precisely for that reason, it was and still is important for us to support projects that help young people to find their place in society. Whether that happens through sporty self-fulfilment or more basic help does not matter. It is important to get a life perspective in the first place.

Health: The health of our guests and our employees is important to us. Especially as far as balanced food is concerned. Therefore, the menus for our employees are elaborated by nutritionists. Because only those who eat properly will remain efficient and healthy in the long term.

Sustainability: Our planet is unique. And he deserves that even our children can experience it in all its glory. That’s why sustainability is so important to us.

Our businesses should remain healthy, environmentally aware and, in reality, rooted in Merano. That is why we value regionalism by choosing our suppliers, products with Eco Label and organic certification. That’s why we offer our guests free bike rental in the Hotel Villa Laurus. That’s why we live up to what’s important to us. So that our values are understood, accepted, respected and lived also by our employees.


Our goals

Even more than in the past, we use the synergies of our businesses. And constantly pursue their dynamic business development. To do so, we constantly question ourselves and our way of working in order to constantly improve ourselves and our operations. And to increase our quality of service.

The goal: With a constantly optimized service, the satisfaction of our guests increases. And thus customer loyalty. This will make our businesses even more stable and make our investments and the jobs for our approximately 70 employees all the safer.


Our vision

The Hotel Flora has not only grown economically healthy in recent years under our leadership, but has also become our home. We consciously continue this success story.

In parallel, we run the City Hotel Merano. In the coming years it will become one of the most important hotel addresses in the city. Guests appreciate the modern style, which is different from all other hotels in Merano, the high comfort and technical standard of the newly built hotel, the spacious underground car park in the center of Merano, the warm hospitality and the competent team all around the entrepreneurial family.

And brand new, since the spring of 2019 a third house enriches our family: the Hotel Villa Laurus in the mansion district of Merano. Here you can really relax. Overlooking green parks and gardens, the Merano basin and the Merano mountains.

Guests and Locals are looking forward to extraordinary events and the innovative, fresh concept of Restaurant & Taps Bar THE GALLERY. The City breakfast buffet is and remains an absolute highlight among the Locals. In addition, South Tyrolean companies are increasingly using the seminar and catering services for conferences, company parties and business lunches.

Thinking further: Should a new project be offered, we will check it. Whether it suits us and whether it could make sense economically and entrepreneurially. Then maybe we jump on it again. With our whole heart. And with all our professionalism. Because we love one thing in particular: the challenge that comes with a new task.