Your hosts in Merano’s central city hotels

Who we are

Our love story started with the Hotel Flora on January 15th, 2008. Ever since, it has been our main house and our home. It is our dream come true, living and working here. We appreciate the quiet location by the river Passer. The proximity to the city centre and our children’s schools. A comfort we’re really grateful for.

Much has changed in these past years. We have grown and are constantly picking up new projects. As a family and as a company.

We opened our second hotel in July 2013, the City Hotel Merano, the newest jewel of the Passer city. A city hotel that has set itself the goal of being different than the established hotels in our country: young, fresh, modern, with an international touch and yet great attention to detail. And finally, in spring 2019, we opened the Hotel Villa Laurus. A little gem in the villa quarter of Merano.

Working with three different products every day is exciting. And a great challenge.


You want to know who “we” are?

Dr. Barbara Hölzl

First of all there is me, Barbara Hölzl, the spiritus rector of our hotels and the “H” in the business nomination. After studying international economics in Innsbruck, Vienna and Lund, I was an adviser in a tourism consultancy as well as a research assistant at the Institute for Tourism Management of the European Academy in Bolzano. Finally, I also completed my Master of Business Administration at SMBS Salzburg, with stays at the University of St. Gallen and the University of Vancouver – Economic School.

As an inveterate hotelier’s child, I moved back into hotel business. Surrounding myself with people every day, making them happy on their vacation is my vocation.

The development of our city which we are conjoined with is very important to me. That is why I am involved in the board of the HGV Merano and the board of the Tourist Authority Merano. And I stick to nothing less than great Goethe: “It is not enough to know. You have to apply your knowledge. It is not enough to want it. You have to do it.”

Dr. Stefano Pippi

Also my husband Stefano Pippi, the cool calculator with a big heart and the “P” in the business nomination, lives by this guideline. After studying Economics and Commerce in Trento and his Masters Tributario in Bologna, he was a member of the HGV tax department for many years. And advisor in a tourism consulting company. As a member of ANCOT (Associazione Nazionale Consulenti Tributari), he has been running the Data Consult business office since 2003 and personally takes care that we will still be around 20 years from now.

He looks over our shoulder every day, controls everything with attentive eyes and sets our goals. He is our engine, so to speak.

And of course there are Valentina and Matthias, our two angels and young hosts, who keep us pretty busy.

Our team

In the beginning, we set our sights low. With a small, dedicated team of employees.

But then we became more and more. And so we were able to continuously increase the quality of service in our hotels.

The P & H Family now has around 50 to 70 employees. They care for our guests day after day. As a passionate host, we live our values and visions. So that our employees can share and implement them.

We try to support our employees wherever we can. With in-house trainings. With financial support for their education. With external internships at home and abroad. With flexible working time models. And, of course, in the search for the right child care, so that your children are cared lovingly during working hours.

Because not only well-trained, but above all motivated and satisfied employees are good hosts. That is exactly what we need, because we want to constantly inspire our guests anew.

Having said this: welcome to the P&H Family.

Your hosts in Meranos central city hotels, family Hölzl Pippi & staff