Wines from Merano and environs

Vineyard despite mountains

The climate in and around Merano is enviably friendly. The Texel Group shelters from the cold north wind. The Valle d’Adige absorbs the Mediterranean temperatures rising from the south. Soft hills exposed to the sun store the warm temperature. Good composition of the ground.

All that is a blessing for the vineyards. And the quality of the grapes.

The types: Gewürztraminer, Sauvignon, Riesling, Sylvaner, Pinot Grigio, Müller-Thurgau. And red wines: Vernatsch, Pinot nero and Merlot. Famous since the Habsburgs: the Merano grapes for cures and treatments. Or simply to have a nibble.

The result: Fresh white wines. Fruity red wines. On top of international rankings again and again.

Wineland South Tyrol in numbers:

  • 20 different types of grapes
  • 5.300 hectares of winegrowing area
  • 5.000 wine farmers
  • 160 wine producers
  • 350.000 hectolitres of wine / year
  • 0,7% of the complete wine production in Italy
  • In 2023 23 wines were given the highest award of the prestigious wine guide “Gamber Rosso”