Merano Flower Festival 2021

Flowers in spring

The “Merano Flower Festival” is coming again! For the 3rd time. From June 18th to 20th, 2021. A focus of the Festival “Merano Spring”. With the ever-valid motto: Where the Alpine and the Mediterranean meet. This year’s edition is dedicated to biodiversity.

The festival locations are the Piazza Terme, the public part of the Merano Thermal Park and the spa promenade. The heart of the event: the ornamental plant market with abouth 50 renowned national and international exhibitors, carefully selected by the Piedmont specialist journalist Mimma Pallavicini.

Experience spring locations full of beauty and elegance. Stroll through countless fragrant flowers, talk with experts, purchase one or the other special ornamental plant and let yourself be bewitched by the diverse scents, colors and flavors. An event for all the senses that arouses curiosity about the wonderful world of plants.

Merano Flower Festival in Merano:

  • large plant and flower exhibition with market of ornamental flowers and rare plants on the spa promenade
  • “Naturae et Purae”, the preview of the Merano WineFestival with an external route on the spa promenade, wine tastings on the subject of Blanc de Blanc & Rosé and a think tank
  • Art installations in the center of Merano:
    – Salotto urbano: decorative lampshades for #raysoflight under the Merano arcades and a course with trees on whose pots you can find quotations from well-known authors
    – the hammocks in the Elisabeth Park for restful breaks
    – the plant parasols at Piazza della Rena: pleasant time out on comfortable deck chairs
    – enchanted trees: five trees, five melodies, five works of art in five stations along the river Passer, a harmonious symbiosis of music, art and nature

Merano Flower Festival around Merano:

  • Schenna:
    – May 7th: Tanzcafé on the newly designed Place Raiffeisen in the center of Schenna
    – May 16: “Unkräutermarktl”, the colourful, healthy gourmet market in the centre of Schenna
    – May 22nd: Matinée in the historic Thurnergut
    Information: Schenna Tourist Office – Tel. +39 0473 945669
  • Algund:
    – May 21st to 24th: Gartenflair Algund, the garden market where the diversity of plants merges with handicrafts and decorations for the garden
    Information: Lagundo Tourist Office – Tel. +39 0473 448600
  • Naturns:
    – June 6th: Naturnser Alps – unplugged, traditional alpine folk music, reinterpreted by young South Tyrolean musicians
    Information: Naturno Tourist Association – Tel. +39 0473 666077