Blossom festival 2017 in and around Merano

Etschtal Valley welcomes spring

The Blossom festival, a very famous event. Experience the landscapes. Learn about the history. Enjoy the music. Taste specialties.

In Lana, Tscherms, Burgstall and Gargazon. From 01.04. to 15.04.2017. A feast for all senses. That’s the taste of spring.

Events blossom festival 2017:

Farmer’s “Street Market of Regioanl delicacies”. Regional products, directly from farmer, taste, buy and enjoy.
Where: Pedestrian area “Gries”, Lana
When: 01.04.2017 – 08.30 to 05.00 pm

34th Lanaphil. International collector meeting.
Where: Raiffeisenhaus Lana
When: 02.04.2017 – 09.00 am to 02.00 pm

An empire of beeswax and honey. Guided tour of an apiary.
Where: Parking area Länd, Lana
When: 03.04. and 10.04.2017 – 02.00 pm (registration required)

Bird excursion in the morning. Listen. And recognize birdsongs. With an expert. Followed by a good breakfast.
Where: Village Square, Tscherms
When: 05.04. and 12.04.2017 – 06.00 am

Meditation in the labyrinth. Find your own center in the awakening spring. In the 7 gardens of the historical Kränzelhof estate. With its alpine-Mediterranean vegetation, a Cretan labyrinth. And a maze.
Where: Ansitz Kränzelhof Tscherms
When: 05.04.2017 – 10.30 am (registration required)

The best from apples and flowers. Cooking class with the chef. Very instructive. And enjoyable.
Where: Restaurant Kirchsteiger, Völlan
When: 05.04.2017 – 02.30-05.00 pm

Guided tour of the orchard. The South Tyrolean apple. Everything about his healing and healthful properties.
Where: Pension Rebgut, Lana
When: 06.04. and 13.04.2017 – 02.00 pm (registration required)

Sea of flowers. Guided bicycle tour through the apple meadows of the flowering Etschtal. With visit to an asparagus farmer.
Where: Tourist office, Lana
When: 07.04.2017 – 02.00 pm (registration required)

Taste in bloom. Discover the secret of eatable plants and herbs! Create and enjoy spring specialties, made from flowers and herbs. With an expert on herbs and plants.
Where: Pschoalhof, Lana
When: 08.04.2017 – 10.30 am (registration required)

Bloom – farm – party. Walk to historic farms. To become acquainted with house and farm, kitchen and cellar. From estate to farm, from present to history, from goody to delicacy. With free shuttle service.
Where: Lana and environment
When: 09.04.2017 – 10.00 am to 05.00 pm

Explore the apple’s world in spring. Guided bicycle tour through the orchards. With visit of the fruit cooperative Lanafruit. And a visit to the fruit growing museum. Learning all about the varieties of apple.
Where: Tourist office, Lana
When: 11.04.2017 – 01.30 pm (registration required)

The buzzing natural pharmacy. “Without bees, no life!” Bees play an important role in nature. And provide valuable health care. Workshop with practical examples and recipes.
When: Hotel Schwarzschmied, Lana
Where: 12.04.2017 – 03.00 pm (registration required)

Spring flea market.
Where: Town Hall Square, Lana
When 15.04.2017 – 08.00 am to 06.00 pm

More Information and reservation:
Tourist office Lana
Tel: +39 0473 561 770