Massages and treatments - applications list



Full body massage with noble aroma oils

Pamper your body with a relaxing combination of noble oils and classic massage techniques. Choose your favorite massage oil from natural South Tyrolean plant extracts: nourishing, stimulating or relaxing. For a silky skin, a lively mind or a restful sleep.
50 min.: 67 €


Back massage

Focusing on back, neck and shoulders, this partial massage alleviates pressure in these particular areas.
20 min.: 35 €


Invigorating leg massage with refreshing gel

This partial massage refreshes and relaxes tired, heated feet and legs and stimulates their blood circulation. With high-quality essences of chestnut and mint. Ideal after hikes, long standing or sports activities.
20 min.: 35 €


Head and face massage

Let yourself fall. In a recreational bio energetic massage of head and face, that provides deep relaxation. For a free spirit and a deep sleep.
45 min.: 62 €


Intensive neck & shoulder treatment

A treat for your back. With valuable oils and special massage strokes, the muscles in the back, shoulder and neck area are loosened. This releases tension and the head becomes clear again.
45 min.: 62 €


Full body massage “Bio-Arnica”

Increase your well-being and health with a vigorous full-body massage. With a congenial synergy of stimulating oils and targeted massage techniques muscle hardening can be solved. Arnica favors the microcirculation, lavender, rosemary, marjoram and jojoba release painful muscle tension. Fitness for your muscles. The ideal massage for active athletes.
50 min.: 69 €


Reflexology – Stimulating foot massage

The sole of the foot is the mirror of the body. By massage of certain zones of your foot, the internal organs are stimulated and energized. This promotes their circulation and increases their resilience and overall well-being.
50 min.: 67 €


Body treatments


Back treatment with South Tyrolean forest honey

The invigorating effect of the natural product honey dissolves slag from the connective tissue and has an intensively purifying, detoxifying and invigorating effect.
By this the blood circulation of the muscles will be encouraged. For a strong, healthy back.
45 min.: 62 €


Anti-cellulite treatment

Powerful natural products and a combination of  cool wrap and a cupping massage ensure toning effects and refined, firmer body contours. Legs de luxe.
50 min.: 75 €


Sea salt exfoliation & massage

An intensive deep cleansing of the skin, in which the skin is freed from loose-fitting horny scales. During the subsequent short massage with the nourishing agent of Shea Butter, the skin becomes soft and velvety.
40 min.: 60 €