Gym in the City

Fitness touches mind

Feeling the body, meter by meter, exercise by exercise. In our professionally equipped gym. With devices from the brand Technogym. Just the right thing in the morning or after work. Take a deep breath, let go, recharge your batteries. Then to the SPA for rest. Or for a massage. Perfect after the sport.

The equipment in detail:

For simple and effective cardio training:

  • 1 Technogym ergometer “Cardio Bike Forma”
  • 1 Technogym treadmill “Cardio Run Forma”
  • 1 Technogym Cross Trainer “Cardio Syncro Forma”

To improve the shape and strength of your muscles:

  • 1 Technogym multifunctional bench “UNICA Evolution”: Multifunctional weight bench for physical fitness and muscle strengthening. 25 exercises in the smallest space

Specific training for chest and deltoid muscles:

  • 1 Technogym multi-functional inclined bench “Element +”: height-adjustable incline bench for targeted training with dumbbells and exercises with your own body weight

For improved free-weight trainer:

  • Technogym dumbbell rack consisting of 2 urethane dumbbells each with 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 kg weight

Functional training for more flexibility and endurance:

  • 1 Technogym training set “ARKE Kit” consisting of:
    • Fire (warm-up and strength training): 1 pendulum: a pole with holes at different heights, to which a punching ball is attached (2 balls: 5/10 kg), 1 double club (2 clubs of 3 kg), 1 plate (40 x 40 cm – 10 kg)
    • Earth (ground exercises): 1 balance dome, 2 dumbbells (3 kg each), 2 stability discs, 1 balance block, 1 foam roller
    • Air (balls filled with air): 2 wellness balls (55/65 cm in diameter), 2 medicine balls (3/5 kg), 2 balls of air
    • Water (balls filled with water): 3 balls of water (2.5 / 5/10 kg), water 8 balls (two joined hemispheres – 10 kg)
    • 2 foam mats (49x39x6 cm)
    • 2 foam rollers (89 cm in length – 15 cm in diameter)
    • 3 exercise mats (150x60x1 cm)

    Fitness at City Hotel Merano:

    • Technogym professional fitness equipment
    • air-conditioned
    • with water dispenser
    • view and access to the terrace
    • right next to the SPA