Medical SPA

Water is medicine

Stay healthy. Or get healthy. By Merano’s long cure tradition. Newly interpreted in the Therme Merano. High-quality therapies. Traditional treatments with South Tyrolean products. Radonic mineral water. With lots of therapeutic characteristics.

For a healthy body. And a relaxed mind. Nice atmosphere. Qualified staff that unites general medicine, dermatology and physiatrics.

The offer in detail:

Thermal baths

Radonic water. Pleasantly warm. Healing. With hydrotherapeutic effect. Calming and soothing for patients suffering from bone-, muscle- and articulation problems. Supports blood flow and lowers blood pressure. Desensitizes and relieves patients suffering from allergies.

Inhale radonic thermal water

Steam jet inhalations. Comfortable 38°C. Perfect for chronic inflammations of the upper airways.

Aerosol inhalations. Small drops. 30°C warm. Ideal for chronic bronchitis

Micronized nose shower. Big water particles. Ideal for chronic sinusitis.

Fango body packs

Fango partial body pack. Grateful warmth through natural fango with precious minerals and oligoelements. Healing and soothing. For rheumatic illnesses, articulation complaints and pain in the spinal column. For sore muscles and colics. To strengthen the immun system, the metabolism and self healing powers. Relaxing and good for the blood flow.


Competence Center for physiatrics and sports medicine. Physiatrics on the fitness devices or in the water. Rehabilitating gymnastics. Manual orthopaedic therapy. Functional therapy. Sport physiatrics. Electro- and ultrasonic therapy. Medical lymphatic drainage.

Therme Meran Medical Area

Medical base checks. Sport medicine check ups. Intolerance tests. Nutrition consulting. Homeopathic, physiatric and dermatologic treatments. Treatments with botulinum toxin (Botox®) or hyaluronic acid. Double chin treatment with Belycra®. Scar correction with cortisone.