The Merano Market

Regional meets seasonal

A new market in the traditional Merano. A sign for regionality and sustainability. A new and attractive market. For agriculture, trade, tourism and local experience. For locals and tourists.

With 22 market stands. Bult by the well-known designer Martino Gamper from Merano. Winner of the “Icon Awards Deisgner of the Year 2014”. For a union of traditional trade and new contemporary design.

The focus:

The venue

Get together. On the market in Meran. A place of exchanging and getting to know each other between locals and tourists. By tasting and talk shopping. With live music of local bands.

Regional from the market

South Tyrolean creations. On the market of Merano. For South Tyrolean producers and direct marketers of agriculture products. And for traditional and farmers craft. With products produced only in South Tyrol.

Seasonal & traditional

Traditional delights. A market in Merano. Where seasonal products and traditions are at home. The nature region South Tyrol. To taste. And to take away.


A Merano market. Where tradition and ancient craft meet. Fixing footware. Sharpening knives. Fixing umbrellas.


South Tyrolean quality. At the market in Merano. Only a selection of stand owners. And their work. For a real experience.


Change for a new range. On the market in Meran. Fix booths the whole summer long. Fluctuating booths on single market days. For selected articles and freshly picked products. Produced in a small amount. Based on availability.


Tradition wrapped in modernity. On the market in Meran and its’ booths. Created by the renowned designer Martino Gamper. The fusion of traditional handicraft and exceptional design.

Opening hours

  • From the last Saturday in March until the second Saturday in October
  • On Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • On the upper Corso Libertá (adjacent to Piazza della Rena)
  • Concerts and live performances of local bands