The botanical gardens of Merano - The garden for lovers

Magical love within the flowers

The garden for lovers. A sparkling idea for the 15 years anniversary of the Gardens of Castel Trauttmansdorff. And for the new season 2016.

A brand new, magical garden area. Laid out in the highest part of the gardens. Offering panoramic view. And a topic that never goes out of fashion. The freshly blossoming love in all its facets.

Who does not know it. This heady feeling of being in love. With its ups and downs of emotions. Full lightness and heaviness, playfulness and seriousness, transience and eternity.

The garden for lovers. A protected area. With a circuit through sensual flower beds full of scented plants. Flanked by artworks and literary quotes.

And at the center the heart of the area: Three pavilions to celebrate love. With a ritual in three steps: release – promise – perpetuating.

For new lovers and those who want to experience that feeling again. The whole summer long.

  • Every day from April to November.
  • In Merano’s botanical Gardens. The Gardens of Castel Trauttmansdorff.