Romantic Places in Merano

Balm for love

A stroll to Merano’s romantic corners. Hand in hand to magical places of longing. Find peace, inspiration and togetherness. On cloud nine with your favorite person …

Celebrate your love! On a foray through Merano. To the Wandelhalle, Merano’s covered foyer with his landcape paintings. So close to the center and yet so playful. The ideal place to linger, to dream, to observe, to remember your very first date.

Continue walking along the Gilf Promenade to its gorge. The roaring masses of water are wild, archaic, genuine. Like the stormy feelings of happiness at the first kiss. It’s not for nothing a popular meeting place for Merano´s couples.

Continue hand in hand up to the Powder Tower, high above the roofs of Merano. Pause, be amazed, think back. To the moment you said “I love you” for the very first time. Seal your love with a kiss.

And walk side by side to the Saxifraga restaurant, where a staircase leads down to the parish church of Merano. Extend your romantic walk to the narrow streets of the Steinach quarter. The ancient heart of Merano with its charming contrast of graffiti art and time-honored buildings. And who knows? Perhaps this is the right place where you finally ask the question of all questions?