Pleasure-roundtrip Merano and environs

Merano in 5 steps

Quality from our farmers. Extraordinariness from our star cooks. Breathtaking landscapes. That is your package for your individual pleasure-roundtrip across Merano. Alpine, Mediterranean, tasty, eventful …

Day 1: Pristine South Tyrol

Shopping at the “Pur Südtirol”. In the Kurhaus Merano. The ideal place to start your pleasure-roundtrip. Products from South Tyrolean farmers. Test and shop. Continue into the original Val d’Ultimo. A walk from farm to farm. A picture-perfect. Fantastic scenery. Starting point: Pracupola, Lago di Zoccolo.

Day 2: Gardens and thermal baths

Botanical curiosities in the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle. The botanical garden of Merano. With museum. Return along Sissis’ path until you reach the thermal baths. Dive into the modern pools, the #1 attraction in the city center. Pools, saunas, spa, gym. Best with the Gardens & Thermal Baths Combined Ticket.

Day 3: Up in the sky

Take your chance. With a tandem flight. Paragliding. From the Picco Ivigna. Continue your journey with a fancy dinner at one of the 5 star cooks in Merano and environs. Gastronomy at its best.

Day 4: Marching across Merano

What about a shopping tour at the very heart of Merano? Strolling, trying on, tasting and finding little treasures. Hip stores. And traditional shops. And in the afternoon a walk along the Tappeinerweg path and the Algunder Waalweg trail. Reached Algund take a comfortable ride back to your Hotel in Merano by bus.

Day 5: A whole lot of tradition

Enjoy the diverse flora above Merano by strolling along the Tappeinerweg path. Reward yourself in a quaint Tyrolean cellar. Not to miss in autumn: The traditional South Tyrolian „Törggelen“. An old tradition. With new wine. And traditional plain fare.

  • 5 hints for your individual adventure.
  • By car. Or use with your Südtirol Alto Adige Guest Pass the public transports.
  • We’d be glad to consult you.