Spring of culture - spring of music

Full throttle into spring

Welcoming spring. With music. And cabaret. Atmospheric, up to date, demanding, challenging, expressive, lively. To the warm season. To the new beginning.

Merano Cabaret Days

A curious look at the German-speaking cabaret scene. Since 2019. Cabaret, satire, poetry slam. With cabaret-like heavyweights from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Entertaining, unvarnished, lively, up-to-date, self-ironic, time-critical, bitterly evil, intelligent, eloquent and stimulating. Every year in March.

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Tyrolean spring of culture

Genuine old & new folk music. A musical crossover with elements of good old folk music. And modern styles of contemporary music. A return to homeland and old values in a highly compatible blend of contemporary world music.From talented, adventurous bands and Tyrolean brass bands. Every year in April and May.

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Festival Lana Live

A trans-disciplinary, topic-driven cultural festival. Every year with a different moving theme of the area. In and around Lana. With Music and theatre, Dance and Cabaret, readings and performative happenings, exhibitions and tours of discovery. Dispersed across many historic and unique Locations and venues. Every year in May and June.

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Lana Meets Jazz

Jazz in all its facets. Since 2012. Concerts by international and national stars. Together with music students from South Tyrol. A week-long festival. Every year in June.

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Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige

Jazz at dizzying musical heights. In all parts of South Tyrol and beyond. The landscape becomes the stage. And jazz becomes a part of the landscape. Concerts with world-famous names and aspiring young musicians from all over the world. In breathtaking Alpine backdrops, in towns and on mountains, at lakes and rivers, in the squares and on the streets, in parks and castles, hotels and factory halls. The festival finds new trails through the musical landscape. For the unknown, the unheard of and the unexpected. A unique festival experience in 10 festival days. 90 concerts at 50 venues. With 150 musicians from all corners of the Earth. Since 1982. Every year from the last Friday in June to the first Sunday in July.

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Festival MeranoJazz

Jazz culture at high level. Since 1996. The small, fine music event in Merano. With world-class musicians. A regionally unique combination of festival and training. In the Mitteleuropean Jazz Academy, conducted by Franco D’Andrea. With workshops, youth courses, master classes, artists in residence, jam sessions and final concerts. Every year in July.

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