Music and concerts in Merano and environs

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Music and health, a proven duo. The spa town Merano has always been a place for rest and relaxation. Also for musicians and composers. With famous guests such as Edvard Grieg, Béla Bartók, Max Reger, Paul Hindemith, Richard Strauss, Giacomo Puccini and Arnold Schönberg. Or Luciano Pavarotti, to whom Merano became a second home.

Merano and music, a heavenly connection. The history of the spa concerts in Merano goes back to 1855. Then in 1922 the first “Merano Music Festival”. And since 1986, on the 150th birthday of the spa town of Merano, the renowned “Südtirol Festival Merano. Meran”.

The organizers

Music Merano

Music enjoyment for the winter season. Since 1990. A varied program of chamber music, orchestral works, soloist concerts, oratorios and jazz. Born from the great tradition of Merano´s spa concerts. Every year from October to May.

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Merano Music Association

Spring concerts in Merano. Since 1972. Organ concerts and chamber music with a great tradition. But also contemporary music in all its facets. Every year from April to May.

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Soirees at Tirol Castle

Music without borders in the Castle of the Counts of Tyrol. A sound space for a wide variety of musical genres. Since 1990. From medieval music to jazz. A special concert experience in an extraordinary setting. Every Thursday from June to July.

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Südtirol Festival Merano . Meran

The classical music élite performing in Merano. For top-class music in the spa town. Since 1986. Classical and baroque music, chamber and vocal music, jazz and world music. Every year from August to September.

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