10th Yoga Meeting Merano in Yoga

Balance meet mind

Merano in Yoga. The 10th distribution. With main topic on „La Bellezza”.

Yoga on international level. With famous Yoga teacher and experts.

To learn everything about Yoga. By courses to Hatha Yoga, Ishta Yoga, Ratna Yoga, Anukalana Yoga, AcroYoga, Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Sadhana, Samatva Yoga L’Aura, Tantrismo del Kashmir, Embodied Flow, Vinyasa Flow, Yogax Runners, Watsu e Woga, Lovingly Dialog, Danza Indiana and Nordic Walking.

Therefore seminars, lectures, Holistic disciplines, Green Yoga, Yoga for Kids, Open Class Yoga and Holistic centers and Indian dance. And biological, vegetarian and vegan food with marketplace. 3 days clenched yoga expertise in the Merano Kurhaus.

For beginner and experts.

  • 01.04. – 03.04.2022
  • At the Kurhaus Merano and different places in Merano
  • More Yoga Meeting