Pools and Sauna

Beach babe meets heat

The Therme Merano. Usually opened throughout the year. 15 indoor pools. Different saunas and steam bath. Next the park. 52.000 m² with 10 outdoor pools, lawn sunbathing and water lily pond. A paradise in summer.

The Pools

25 pools and treatment baths. 15 pools throughout the year indoor and outdoor. And in summer: 10 more outdoor pools in the thermal park. The mainpool: 240 m² indoor and outdoor. Healthy: the thermal bath. Refreshing: the cold pool. Pleasant: the hot whirlpool. A waterdream for the whole family.

The water temperature:

  • Main pool (34°C)
  • Brine pool (35 °C)
  • Hot wather pool (37°C)
  • Cold wather pool (18°C)
  • Thermal bath with radon (33°C)
  • Children’s pool (34°C)
  • Whirlpools (37°C)

The Park with outdoor pools

A dream in green and blue. From 15th may until 15th September. 52.000m² park with old trees and water lily pond. In between palms and rose garden, sport courts and lawn sunbathing. And in there different outdoor pools. For professional a sport pool and for beginner a normal pool. For children a children’s pool. For health interested a Kneipp cure. A warm and a cold pool, also a steam bath, waterfall. Many place. For bathing between palms and mountain view.

The water temperature:

  • Sport swimming pool (25°C)
  • Non-swimmers’ pool (28°C)
  • Children’s pool (28°C)
  • Bathing trail with kneipp pools (34°C – 18°C)
  • Spring bath (34°C)
  • Flume (34°C)
  • Cold water pool (18°C)
  • Warm water pool (34°C)
  • Refreshing pool (25°C)

The Saunas

6 Saunas with different temperatures. Finnish sauna, steam baths, sanarium, caldarium. Also a cold water pool and a snow room. Wishes from our glaciers. Strengthens the immune system. Recommended for your health.

The temperatures:

  • Finnish sauna (90 – 100°C, humidity: 10%)
  • Caldarium (42 – 45°C, humidity: 70%)
  • Steam bath Trauttmansdorff (42 – 45°C, humidity: 100%)
  • Snow room (-12°C)
  • Sanarium (60°C, humidty: 45 – 55%)