*Ultra soundÜ treatment

Cellulite lose ground

Anti-cellulite. In the Esthetic Center Seven Beauty & Health. Only 500 m from the City Hotel Merano and 800 m from the Hotel Flora.

Ultra sound treatment with low frequency. Destroys fat cells and removes fat- and water storage. By ultra sound. Painless and effective. Molds your body. Stimulates your lymph circuit. Removes cell tissue inflammations.

Fights cellulite the gentle way and permanent. On your belly, your hips, your femurs and wherever else you want.

To apply once a week.

The treatment in detail:

3 minutes of vacuum treatment. Animates blood flow and brings fat cells up to the surface. Afterwards ultra sound treatment. Destroys fat cells so that your body can degrade them. Optimal when combined with pressotherapy or a draining massage.

For a perfect result:

  • Drink enough to support your body with stretching off the solved fat.
  • Move enough.
  • No carbs 1 day before the treatment, the day of the treatment and the day after the treatment.

Duration and price:

  • Ultra sound (30 min.) and pressotherapy (20 min.)
  • To apply once a week.


Seven Beauty & Health: Tel. 0473 23 67 12