Radiofrequency treatment

Connective tissue meets collagen.

Anti aging. In the Esthetic Center Seven Beauty & Health. Only 500 m from the City Hotel Merano and 800 m from the Hotel Flora.

Radiofrequency treatment, a natural lifting and rejuvenating effect. With radio frequency treatment. Tightening face and body treatment. Regenerating. Not invasive. Gentle and delicate.

To lift your cheeks, eyes and neck, breast or other parts of your body. To apply once a week.

Radio waves gently warm the connective tissue. A cooling special gel calms the skin surface. Collagen fibres contract. The rebuilding of collagen gets activated. For a firm, tight skin.

The result: visibly firm skin right after the treatment. And permanent effect because of the rebuilding of collagen fibres.


  • Non-invasive method
  • For face and body
  • Fast result – long lasting effect


  • 1 treatment: 50 min.
  • To apply once a week.


Seven Beauty & Health: Tel. 0473 23 67 12