Pulse light treatment (IPL)

Hairless beauty

Hair removal. In the Esthetic Center Seven Beauty & Health. Only 500 m from the City Hotel Merano and 800 m from the Hotel Flora.

With pulse light treatment (IPL). Mechanical depilation. The innovative way of hair removal. With rays of light. For women and men. Reduces hair growth. Permanent. Effective. Hightech. Everywhere. Legs, bikini zone, armpits, face, back, breast.

Light stimulation with pulse light. Reduces lines, acne and age spots. Refills and cleans gently. For your face and neck. To apply once a week.

For an optimal depilation:

  • Shave 3-4 days before. Optimal hair length for a perfect result: ca. 3 mm.
  • The darker your hair the better the result. White hair don’t get removed.
  • Permanent hair removal after 2-5 treatments. Removes hair from their roots and stops them from regrowing.


  • Classic depilation
  • Light stimulation

To apply once a week.


Seven Beauty & Health: Tel. 0473 23 67 12