Pressure meets airiness

Contour modelling. In the Esthetic Center Seven Beauty & Health. Only 500 m from the City Hotel Merano and 800 m from the Hotel Flora.

With pressotherapy and mechanical lymphatic drainage. With most modern devices. Tightens your skin. Reduces body fat. Gentle and effective. To apply daily. With success.

Body fluids gets released and stretched off by draining. Ideal for swellings and liquid stowage. For veins in your legs. Slims and detoxifies. For optimal weight loss results. Ideal also for pregnant women. And perfect for cellulite.

The perfect support:

  • Drink enough!
  • Move enough!
  • No carbs!

Duration and price:

  • Pressotherapy: 30 min.
  • To apply daily.


Seven Beauty & Health: Tel. 0473 23 67 12