Merano – the healthy city

Elementary power heals

Merano: Mild climate and Mediterranen vegetation. A famous health resort already in the 19th century. Health and wellbeeing.

In the past: Summer vacation and cure. Treated by air and water. For nobility and bourgeoisie. Artists and novelists. Musicians and celebrities. Sissi, Kafka, Bartók, Strauß, Rilke, Lehar and Schnitzler.

Today: a lively city. Full of contrasts. Mediterranean and alpine. Rural and urban. Traditional and innovative. An exciting mix. A complete offer. Recreation, relax, wellbeing, fitness and motion.

The water in Merano. Healing and healthy. The Merano Thermal Baths. Modern design with Alps view. The grapes in Merano. Delicious and cleaning. Medical care in Merano. Extensive and professional. Merano. Balm for the soul.

For a short trip or a longer, curing stay. To support your health.