Wildwater sports in Merano

Adrenaline fueled sense

For all adventurers. And those who want to become one. An extensive range. With professional guides. And equipment hire. A special experience. In breathtaking natural surroundings.

Riverboating on the Adige.

In dinghy on the calm river Adige. The second longest river in Italy. From Lana to Bolzano. An unhurried pleasure. For the whole family.

Rafting in the Adige and Passer.

Exciting descents. Through rivers and rapids. River adventure in another dimension.

River Walking in the heart of a natural valley.

Ideal for families with children from the age of nine. The precursor of canyoning.

Canyoning in the gorgeous Passer.

Hiking, rappel, jump, dive, slide. A particularly sporting challenge in whitewater.

Wildwater Swimming in the Passer.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the river. And learn from professional gudes everything about the river and its secrets.

Roping from the waterfall.

Feel the spray. And the adrenaline. Learn the best abseiling here. A unique experience.

Tarzaning in Passer.

High rope garden, tarzaning in the Passer canyon, Canoeing, roping, climbing, Flying fox terrier. Unforgettable hours of full action.