A summer evening in Merano

Dating Merano

Long Tuesdays at Merano 2016:

(27.06.-15.08.2017: 08.00 – 11.00 pm)

27/06/2017: In the Evening Glow
04/07/2017: Animated Shop Windows
11/07/2017: Aroma Night & Jazz
18/07/2017: Night of the Knights
25/07/2017: Fire and Water
01/08/2017: Happy Days
08/08/2017: A Tyrolean Evening
15/08/2017: Apple Festival

Merano’s Tuesday evenings surprise with shows and live music. Each week on a different topic. Walking along the Passer Promenade or having a drink. Stroll, enjoy and be surprised … Get the Merano feeling during the 11th edition! Continue …

And 5 free concerts in the historic center:

27.07.2017 (Kurhaus terrace – promenade): Merano Pop Symphony Orchestra & Alberto Zero
04.08.2017 (Piazza Terme): Jennifer Vargas & Band
09.08.2017 (Piazza Terme): Pupo
14.08.2017 (Piazza Terme): Paolo Belli
16.08.2017 (Piazza della Rena): Michele Tomatis mit „MT Live“

Long Wednesday at Schenna

(14.06.-06.09.2017: 08.00 – 11.00 pm)

Evening shopping and music events with modern and traditional bands. Continue …

Long Thursdays at Lana

(29.06.-17.08.2017: 07.00-11.00 pm)

Shopping and lifestyle in a relaxed atmosphere and a variety of entertainment. Continue …

Long Friday at the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle

(16.06.–25.08.2017: 06.00-11.00 pm)

Meranos Botanical Gardens by night. Explore nature, enjoy music and taste snacks and aperitifs. Continue …

Long Monday at Dorf Tirol

(03.07.-28.08.2017: 08.00-11.00 pm)

Browse and buy on balmy summer nights. Continue …