700 years Merano

Time tells history

700 years Merano in numbers

  • 857: first mention of Merano as “Merania”.
  • 1317: Recognition as a city and market place by King Henry of Carinthia.
  • till 1420 (formally until 1848): capital of the county of Tyrol.
  • 1836: Appointment as “climatic winter cure place” after a publication of the city physician Dr. Josef Waibl.
  • 2017: Jubilee Year 700 years of spa and cultural city Meran.

700 years of hospitality

Merano. Since 1317 a place of trade and meeting, a meeting point of people from different cultures, a life at the intersection of relations and communication, new cultures, religions, lifestyles and technical changes. Again and again, always new. This is what makes Merano’s true soul, her hospitality, her openness and her positive energy. And exactly this will celebrate Merano in 2017.

700 years of Merano

The spa town of Merano has become fledged. After the high bloom of the elitist tourism in the Habsburg period and the depression of the post-war years, Merano has found anew. As a modern city, alive and open. It represents, like no other city in South Tyrol, the link between alpine and Mediterranean culture, between youth and age, between tradition and departure. An exciting mix.

Green Meran

For the Jubilee year, Merano’s promenade landscape becomes even greener, even more colorful. Through the city gardeners. With flowers, flower beds and plant figures in the midst of Merano’s wonderfully old trees. Meran spring all year round.

The new attractions:

  • Connection of the Gilfpromenade with Merano’s recreation zone Lazag
  • new terrace by the river
  • Flowers on the Sissi statue in the Sissipark
  • Placement of plant figures on the promenade
  • Improvement of the park at the “Prince’s Castle”
  • Opening and use of the horse field as a recreation area

The events 2017

Work in Progress. And the quintessence of 150 proposals. Throughout the year, Merano’s clubs are developing a colorful series of events. Exhibitions, theater, concerts, publications, festivals, balls and much more. To experience Merano and its history alive. And to develop a new self-understanding of living together. A jubilee that creates community, encourages coexistence and invests in culture. For a new cultural understanding that sees the rich and unique history of Merano as communal wealth.

The highlights:

  • 24 to 26 March 2017: Official anniversary celebrations of the city. With festivals, concerts and opening various attractions in the city center.
  • Videoshow Music Light History „Meran007“ in the Theatre Puccini
  • Joint Corpus Christi procession, accompanied by the 5 Merano music bands.
  • Sonora 700: 8 concerts, each dedicated to a different century.
  • Dance performance “In the footsteps of the Meran theater”.
  • 6 Community concerts of the five youth chapels, each in a different Merano city district.
  • 700 minutes for Merano: 100 Meranians tell about their relationship with their city in 7 minutes.
  • Schoolmusical “700 years of the city of Merano”.
  • Conference “1317 – A city and its rights. Merano in the Middle Ages “.
  • Publications on the topics “The farms in Mais”, “The Merlet factory”, “Architecture in the spa town between 1860 and 1960,” The 150-year fire-fighting history in Meran “.

All events …