Our Chef Mario Di Giuseppe

Apulian atmosphere in Merano

Mario Di Giuseppe, our chef from beautiful Tarent in Apulia is truly a grenade on the stove. Innovative, adventurous, technically top and a true charmer.

Every day he puts all his passion into the work and does not settle for standard products. First-class quality and sustainable origin of the ingredients are very important to him. Fresh natural products from South Tyrol, quality food from Bella Italia, but also international ingredients for a special kick.

Meticulous craftsmanship and the best raw materials are the cornerstones of his unmistakable cuisine, with a surprising combination of traditional South Tyrolean cuisine and southern Italian passion.

To taste with varied menus, elegant gala dinners and bombastic holiday buffets. And, of course, every day at Restaurant & Bar THE CITY. With constantly reinterpreted, alpine-Mediterranean dishes, different depending on the season. And with Pizza Specials with an intense taste. Unique and delicious. Let yourself be inspired!