Foody Factory – the Merano Culinary Laboratory

Chef meets delight

The Gourmet Factories in and around Merano. To taste alpin-mediterranean creations all year round. This is everything around cooking and enjoying. Cooking craft at its best. At the center: you, a chef and fresh ingredients from the Alps and the Mediterranean.

The result: smart dishes, each prepared from ingredients from the North and South. Refined with original South Tyrolean products. At the City Hotel, your Gourmet Factory in the middle of Merano. Delicious, instructive, exciting.

Culinary workshop at the City Hotel Merano

The young and creative kitchen team at the City Hotel Merano, joins Bella Italia with the alpine South Tyrol in very special genuine way. His motto: Best ingredients make an unmistakable kitchen.

They conjures up refined compositions with experience and passion. The result surprising taste experiences and a fantastic combination from traditional South Tyrolean meals and Italian emotions. To taste in the restaurants of the City Hotel Merano.

The dishes

An appropriate dish for each season. Innovative, experimentatious, technically top. And as always: a little bit different than usual. With professional preparation tips from our chef. To enjoy. And to recreate at home …

  • Spring dish: Beef fillet with mashed parsnip, red Tropea onions & Taggiasche olives
  • Summer dish: Spelled beetroot dumplings on melted Gorgonzola with a savoury taste of sage
  • Autumn dish: Fried char on red cabbage, pistachio & polenta
  • Winter dish: Chestnut and orange parfait on pumpkin and raspberry sauce, seasoned with Amaretti and coffee

To taste at the Restaurant & Tapas Bar at the City Hotel Merano.

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