The delightful world of South Tyrolean herbs in THE GALLERY

Herbs made in South Tyrol

South Tyrol herbs. A success history. With long tradition. Nature in perfection. From mountain pasture to herbs garden. Lovely picked and dried. For intensive aroma. And more taste on your plate. A colourful eye-catcher.

Majoram, thyme, balm, mint, basil, common marigold, corn flower, mallow, elder blossom and many more in South Tyrolean herbs collection. Perfect for a delicious dish.

Also in the City Hotel Merano. And his Restaurant & Tapas Bar THE GALLERY. Partner from the gastronomic weeks “culinary trip through South Tyrol and his local herbs”.

Meals refined with herbs. From the privat herbs garden. Smelling, flowering and fresh. Have a look at the menu. For a taste. And even more.

Wholesome delectabilities á la carte. Or as a whole menu.

A delicious culinary trip through South Tyrol and his local herbs. Taste and enjoy!

What, where, when?

  • Gastronomic weeks with South Tyrolean herbs
  • In the Restaurant & Tapas Bar THE GALLERY
  • 01.06. – 30.06.2019

The special menu 2017:

  • Ravioli ▪ buffalo ricotta ▪ herbs ▪ citrus ▪ tomatoes ▪ rocket salad 16.00 €
  • Fillet of veal ▪ herbs coat ▪ beluga lentils ▪ cherries 28.00 €
  • Crema Catalana ▪ banana ice-cream ▪ lemon balm ▪ mint 8.00 €

Price for the whole menu: 35.00 €