Alpine-Mediterranean Weeks at THE GALLERY

The taste of the sea in the Alps

Alpine-Mediterranean weeks in Merano. These are exotic ingredients and alpine style, combined in wonderfully light dishes. High taste on your plate.

Try the traditional dishes from the Alps, flavored with ingredients from the South. And Italian specialties, enriched with ingredients from South Tyrol. Created by chef Mario Di Giuseppe.

Squid meets barley. Exciting combinations for even more taste. To try at the City Hotel Merano. And specifically at the Restaurant & Tapas Bar THE GALLERY. Your gastronomic partner of the Alpine-Mediterranean Weeks.

Have a look at the menu. For a taste. And even more.

In addition, temptations á la carte. Or as a whole menu.

The Alpine-Mediterranean Weeks Overview

  • Gastronomy Week with the best of the Alps and Italy
  • At the Restaurant & Tapas Bar THE GALLERY
  • 01. – 30.04.2019

The Alpine-Mediterranean menu 2018

  • Salmon marinated with herbs ▪ crunchy bacon ▪ horseradish
  • Beef stew with wine Lagrein ▪ ragout of Mediterranean vegetables
  • Apple strudel ▪ strawberry & lemon ice-cream

Price of the menu: 35.00 €

Interested? Book under 0473 492 550. For a memorable fine dining experience. We look forward to you meet you.