Merano between nature and poetry

Romantic proposals

Merano, the romantic city, is the ideal place for experiencing magic moments. You can relax on the Passirio’s terraces, the beach of Merano in front of the Hot Thermal Baths. Or take one of our free citybiks to discover Meranos secrets. Our romantic proposals:

The Lyric path. Since 1997 the lyric has been “involved” in the history of Gilf promenade. Surrounded by exotic plants you can read Italian English and German novels of lyric poets as Rainer Maria Rilke, Ezra Pound and so on. It´s not necessary to have your novel with, you can directly read them on the benchs as they are imprinted.

Parcines fall. It is a real and authentic natural fall. Its water quantity is fed every month by the glacial retreat. You can reach it by bus departing form the town of Parcines or you can reach it by foot through the irrigation ditches. Lose no time …

Envy for cinema? In conclusion, we suggest you a breathtaking scenario, nature on display, “Knottkino”, between Verano and Avelengo. Easly reachable by foot. Close and reopen your eyes. You will discover new sounds and scents. Have a look!